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MY FATHERS GENEALOGY****** ****** Rolf Ericson



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Genealogy and FamilyhistoryPosted by Rolf Ericson Mon, August 28, 2017 20:36:03

Lee-Anne Meredith

Genealogy and FamilyhistoryPosted by Rolf Ericson Sat, June 20, 2015 23:24:55
She is a grand grand daughter to Ernst and Helena Ericson.

Bästa Lee-Ann Meredith. Du skrev på min blogg den 1 aug 2013 följande kommentar till Gloria Nyströms text: Jag är inte säker på att jag tidigare har svarat på grund av att mycket annat har gjort att saken fallit i glömska. Jag är mycket intresserad av att få veta lite mera om Ernst Ericson och hans ättlingar som finns i Amerika. Jag beklagar att jag inte skrivit förr, men hoppas att snart få svar från dig. Min e-postadress är fortfarande

Med vänlig hälsning

Best Lee-Ann Meredith. You wrote on my blog August 1, 2013 the following comment to Gloria Nystrom text: ”I am the granddaughter of Violet. I was delighted to find the pictures. Please contact me if you would like more information about our family.

I'm not sure I have previously responded due to much else has done that thing has been forgotten. I am very interested to know more about Ernst Ericson and his descendants as there are in America. I regret that I have not written sooner, but hope to soon get answers from you. My email is still

Yours sincerely

Rolf Ericson. Grandson of August Ericson, one of the brothers to Ernst Ericson

Hi Rolf,

I can give you information on Violet Ericson McGinnis' family. She was the youngest of Ernst's children. Ernst died when she was quite young and her mother, Helena Nystrom, died a few years later. She and her oldest sister, Bertha went to live with Nystrom relatives. The rest of the siblings were divided up and they lost contact with each other. As a young woman she studied nursing and worked as a private nurse for several families before her marriage.

Violet (Vi) married Ambrose (Mac) McGinnis in 1930 in Chicago, Illinois. They moved to Crown Point, Indiana. They had five children, John (b.March 1931- d. May 1913), my mother Sharon Mary (b. June 13, 1934) Kathleen (b July 1937), Daniel (b. December 1940), and Patrick (b. June 1942 - d. November 11. 1967). Patrick died in a car crash at age 25. Vi died December 22, 1973. Mac died December 20, 1993.

What other information would you like? Do you want a complete family listing?

Most of us live still live within a few hundred miles of Chicago area. where the family originally settled in the US.

It is a treat to discover family.

Lee-Ann Meredith


Hej Rolf,

Jag kan ge dig information om Violet Ericson McGinnis "familj. Hon var den yngsta av Ernst barn. Ernst dog när hon var ganska ung och hennes mor, Helena Nyström, dog några år senare. Hon och hennes äldsta syster, Bertha gick att leva med Nyströms släktingar. Resten av syskonen delades upp och de förlorat kontakten med varandra. Som en ung kvinna hon studerade omvårdnad och arbetade som en privat sjuksköterska för flera familjer innan hennes äktenskap.

Violet (Vi) gift Ambrose (Mac) McGinnis 1930 i Chicago, Illinois. De flyttade till Crown Point, Indiana. De hade fem barn, John (b.March 1931- d. Maj 1913), min mamma Sharon Mary (f. 13 Jun 1934) Kathleen (b juli 1937), Daniel (b. December 1940), och Patrick (f. Juni 1942 - d. 11 november 1967). Patrick dog i en bilolycka vid 25 års ålder Vi dog den 22 december 1973. Mac dog December 20, 1993.

Vilken annan information vill du ha? Vill du ha en komplett familj notering?

De flesta av oss lever fortfarande lever inom ett par hundra miles från Chicago-området. där familjen ursprungligen bosatte sig i USA.

Det är en njutning att upptäcka familj.

Lee-Ann Meredith


Hello from Gloria Nyström

Genealogy and FamilyhistoryPosted by Gloria Nystrom Mon, April 04, 2011 16:07:35


Attached are four pictures with Violet in them and the story I've written about Helena and Ernst Ericson.


Hello, Rolf. My name is Gloria (Irvine) Nystrom. I am not of Swedish ancestry; I do the family research for my husband, Donald Bernard Nystrom, who is related to you through his paternal grandfather, Gustaf Bernhard Nystrom, and Gustaf’s sister Helena Kristina Nystrom. Helena was married to your grandfather’s brother, Ernst Ericson. Gustaf and Helena are two of the eight children of Carl Johan and Carolina Fredrika (Stark) Nystrom of Grytgol, Sweden. Three of those children, Lydia, Helena, and Gustaf, eventually immigrated to the United States. Lydia married August Emil Peterson and that branch of the family settled in Moline, Illinois. Both Gustaf and Helena and their families settled in Waukegan, Illinois.

Helena was born in 1874 in Grytgol. She moved in 1896 to live with her sister Anna Mathilda in Ljusfallshammar. A daughter, Berta Helena, was born to Helena on September 15, 1897. Helena was not married. She moved back to Grytogol in 1897 with her daughter. She married Ernst Ericson in 1900 and two children were born to them in Sweden, Agda and Gustave. The family immigrated to the U.S. in 1905 and lived in Waukegan, Illinois, where two more children, Violet and Ruth, were born. Ernst died at age 35 in 1910, and Helena died three years later at age 39. We do not know the cause of their deaths. There is speculation that perhaps Helena died in a flu epidemic. Tragically, their children were left orphans, most of them very young. Berta was 19, however, and was old enough to be on her own. She married William Harper a few years later. We believe Ruth (5) was adopted by a pastor and his wife and eventually they went to live in the state of Washington. Gustave (9) went to an orphanage. We have no information on Agda (11). Violet (7) went to live with her uncle Gustaf Nystrom and his wife Emerentia (Emma) in Waukegan. She lived with them until she went to Victory Hospital in Waukegan to become a nurse. She married Ambrose Benedict (Mac) McGinnis in 1930. Mac was an attorney, having graduated from Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana, in 1924 with a three-year law degree.

More pictures about Ernst and Helena

Genealogy and FamilyhistoryPosted by Gloria Nystrom Mon, April 04, 2011 16:02:14

Violet with Gustaf's family c. 1914. This is Gustaf's family with whom Violet lived. Later on another child, Muriel, would be born to Gustaf and Emma.

More about Ernst and Helena

Genealogy and FamilyhistoryPosted by Gloria Nystrom Mon, April 04, 2011 16:00:26

The Milton, Melvin, Violet c. 1914. Milton is Don's father and Melvin his uncle. These are children of Gustaf and Emma with whom Violet lived.

More about Ernst and Helena

Genealogy and FamilyhistoryPosted by Gloria Nystrom Mon, April 04, 2011 15:58:16

The scan 0003 has the listing of the people on the picture. In addition to Gustaf, Emma, and Violet, the others are Emma's siblings and spouses.

About Ernst och Helena Ericson

Genealogy and FamilyhistoryPosted by Gloria Nystrom Mon, April 04, 2011 15:41:05

The circa 1944 picture is left to right: Violet, her husband Mac McGinnis, daughter Sharon, Emerentia (Emma) Nystrom, son Dan McGinnis, Don's sister Elaine, and his mother Ione. In the front is son Pat McGinnis.

Hello from Kathy in California

Genealogy and FamilyhistoryPosted by Rolf Ericson Sat, February 12, 2011 22:17:54

Patrick and Kathy Jones and their children Sara and Connor

I have got e-mail from Kathy Jones a grandchildren to Ruth McGee. They are two sisters Kathy and Phyllis Ellen, daughters of Phillip Lloyd Mc Gee. Read here what Kathy wrote in this e-mail to me (Rolf):

"My father Phillip McGee passed away in Minneapolis, Minnesota on July 9th, 2008 of complications related to what is known here as COPG. Basically he had smoked much of his life and it compromised his lungs. He was a talented person who wrote poetry and music, and loved literature. He worked in security for his profession.

Regarding my grandmother, Ruth Elsie (Anderson) McGee. She married my grandfather Phillip Henry McGee, against his families wishes. The story I always heard was that they met, fell in love and my grandfather, who was Catholic, asked his priest if he could marry my grandmother, the preist said he would go to hell if he did so. My grandfather told me that he moved to Chicago, Illinois for a time, figured he was living in hell anyway and came back and married Ruth. His family disowned and disinherited him after that. The only time I ever met any of his family was at funerals. During their marriage, out of respect for my Grandfather, my grandmother was not active in the church. After his passing, she became very active, teaching, playing piano and visiting older people who could not get out of their apartments. She had a deep faith in Jesus Christ, which greatly influenced me personally. Ruth was not afraid to voice her opinions on religion or politics or social issue of the day. She was one of only a few woman to obtain a bachelors degree from the University of Minnesota. She went on to teach mathmatics.

In 1985 she was diagnosed with kidney cancer, which had spread through out her body. On August 20th, I went to visit her. Suddenly she started looking around the room intently, as if she were watching and listening to something. I asked her what she was doing. She said "There is an angel over there and one over by the door". She listened for another moment and said "Oh, they have come to take me home." I honestly wasn't sure what to think of this at the time. I though perhaps she was on too many drugs. The next day, I returned and she asked to get out of bed and sit. My aunt Phyllis (McGee) Heath was with me. We got her into a chair. I was kneeling in front of her and my aunt was behind her. Suddenly she looked up and I knew she was no longer there. She had left. I guess the angels really did come to get her. It was an awsome experience.

Please let me know if I can provide any other information or stories. I have numerous photos and music and poetry by the family.

Kathy Jones"

Phyllis Ellen McGee (Hernandez) and her husband Nick

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