MY FATHERS GENEALOGY****** ****** Rolf Ericson

MY FATHERS GENEALOGY****** ****** Rolf Ericson



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My fathers life-story

More about Ernst and Helena

Genealogy and FamilyhistoryPosted by Gloria Nystrom Mon, April 04, 2011 15:58:16

The scan 0003 has the listing of the people on the picture. In addition to Gustaf, Emma, and Violet, the others are Emma's siblings and spouses.

About Ernst och Helena Ericson

Genealogy and FamilyhistoryPosted by Gloria Nystrom Mon, April 04, 2011 15:41:05

The circa 1944 picture is left to right: Violet, her husband Mac McGinnis, daughter Sharon, Emerentia (Emma) Nystrom, son Dan McGinnis, Don's sister Elaine, and his mother Ione. In the front is son Pat McGinnis.

Hello from Kathy in California

Genealogy and FamilyhistoryPosted by Rolf Ericson Sat, February 12, 2011 22:17:54

Patrick and Kathy Jones and their children Sara and Connor

I have got e-mail from Kathy Jones a grandchildren to Ruth McGee. They are two sisters Kathy and Phyllis Ellen, daughters of Phillip Lloyd Mc Gee. Read here what Kathy wrote in this e-mail to me (Rolf):

"My father Phillip McGee passed away in Minneapolis, Minnesota on July 9th, 2008 of complications related to what is known here as COPG. Basically he had smoked much of his life and it compromised his lungs. He was a talented person who wrote poetry and music, and loved literature. He worked in security for his profession.

Regarding my grandmother, Ruth Elsie (Anderson) McGee. She married my grandfather Phillip Henry McGee, against his families wishes. The story I always heard was that they met, fell in love and my grandfather, who was Catholic, asked his priest if he could marry my grandmother, the preist said he would go to hell if he did so. My grandfather told me that he moved to Chicago, Illinois for a time, figured he was living in hell anyway and came back and married Ruth. His family disowned and disinherited him after that. The only time I ever met any of his family was at funerals. During their marriage, out of respect for my Grandfather, my grandmother was not active in the church. After his passing, she became very active, teaching, playing piano and visiting older people who could not get out of their apartments. She had a deep faith in Jesus Christ, which greatly influenced me personally. Ruth was not afraid to voice her opinions on religion or politics or social issue of the day. She was one of only a few woman to obtain a bachelors degree from the University of Minnesota. She went on to teach mathmatics.

In 1985 she was diagnosed with kidney cancer, which had spread through out her body. On August 20th, I went to visit her. Suddenly she started looking around the room intently, as if she were watching and listening to something. I asked her what she was doing. She said "There is an angel over there and one over by the door". She listened for another moment and said "Oh, they have come to take me home." I honestly wasn't sure what to think of this at the time. I though perhaps she was on too many drugs. The next day, I returned and she asked to get out of bed and sit. My aunt Phyllis (McGee) Heath was with me. We got her into a chair. I was kneeling in front of her and my aunt was behind her. Suddenly she looked up and I knew she was no longer there. She had left. I guess the angels really did come to get her. It was an awsome experience.

Please let me know if I can provide any other information or stories. I have numerous photos and music and poetry by the family.

Kathy Jones"

Phyllis Ellen McGee (Hernandez) and her husband Nick

Information from Paul Riedl about Landerholm family

Genealogy and FamilyhistoryPosted by Rolf Ericson Sun, February 21, 2010 13:37:03

Dear Rolf: I am attaching a pdf file regarding Landerholm relatives. Some of this information was obtained from you and other swedish sources as well as relatives in the states. I hope you find it informative. I will be sending you some picturesthis weekend of Landerholm relatives. I want to put names to faces for you.

Do you have any documentation regarding the marriage of Carl Frederik to Juliana or Karolina Wilhelmina? You provided me with the marriage year of Juliana. Do you have any swedish documentation supporting the 2 marriages.


Paul Riedl


To all of our relatives!

Genealogy and FamilyhistoryPosted by Rolf Ericson Wed, October 21, 2009 12:38:38
In USA and Sweden. I want to hear from you. Welcome to this blog! If you write to my e-mailaddress or my other address Rolf Ericson Granitvägen 16 B 59153 Motala, Sweden, I will give you your own login to this site.

Pappas betyg från klass 6 i folkskolan

Genealogy and FamilyhistoryPosted by Rolf Ericson Wed, October 21, 2009 12:33:03

Undertecknat av Lärarinnan Ebba Pettersson som var Pappas kusin. (född Ringdahl)

August Ericson 1936

Genealogy and FamilyhistoryPosted by Rolf Ericson Wed, August 05, 2009 21:42:32

My grandfather August Ericson walking over a bridge in Norrköping 1936. He was 70 years old. He has written: "1936 in the summer walking over Saltängsbron, "You are filmed." I don´t remember how I felt inside, but outside of my clothes it was stormy as you can see."

He sent this photo to her sisters in California

Landerholm 2

Genealogy and FamilyhistoryPosted by Rolf Ericson Wed, July 22, 2009 20:50:25


Invited to attend the funeral ceremony after my tenderly loved husband and our father

Carl Fredrik Landerholm

The meeting is going on in Regna Church

at Friday 28th of May 1926

Wilhelmina Landerholm

The Children

Invited to attend our loved mothers

Karolina Wilhelmina Landerholm

funeral ceremony

at Thursday 25 of February 1932

The Children

The meeting is going on in Regna church

Invited after the funeral ceremony at coffe in Brattebergs gästgivaregård

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